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Blue ribbons are sure nice, Purple even better . Smiles are priceless and are the international language.

Titles, Certificates, Trophies, Plaques, Awards, Show pictures, Points, Recognitions, References-WOW we've enjoyed them all. But to have the opportunity of sharing and contributing to and promoting good Human - Animal relationships…That's the Ultimate reward In the Dog World.

Buford w/ Jennie
Best of Breed
Greater Lafayette Kennel Club

In the beginning, we set our standards high, We believe we have reached our goals. Through the years our MOROJES labs have proven themselves to do it all and do it well. At times it's been very humbling experience. They have also taught us and forgiven us but they've sure made us proud. They have introduced us to lots of new friends.

Labs from our kennels have earned and acquired many titles. CD (Companion Dog) titles, Obedience Titles, Rally Titles, Search and Rescue Titles. Narcotic dog titles. Hunting Titles, Service Dog Titles, Show Champion Titles and points. One of the best Professional plaudits was from one of the Veterinarians at the Vet School at Purdue. Check out our portfolio's. then check out our Human relations

One year 3 of our young owners from 3 different counties, Vigo, Parke and Tippecanoe, each won 1st at the 4H county Fair. One went on and won the State Fair at Indianapolis.

Buford w/ Roland
Best of Breed
Illinois Valley Kennel Club of Peoria

Rodney Showing McCoy
Best of Breed
Hoosier Kennel Club
How about the little paper Boy. He brought his bag of coins and bills. We made an exception. He bought his pup on the payment plan. When he made his last payment, the little business man said "Now send me my papers!"

There was a local kid who used to share adventures with grandpa "Chuck's" and his beagle . When Grandpa passed on, the kid got a lab pup and named him "Chuck" after his grandpa.

The most touching reward came in the form of a young boy who came after a puppy. We noticed he had braces on his little legs. He had been born with malformed legs because of a large tumor growing in his mother's womb. He went through many surgeries at "Riley Hospital for Children" in Indianapolis. His mother was O. K. and he was on the mend. If you hadn't seen the braces you might not have known. His parents decided he was ready for a dog. He picked out a yellow male and already had a name for it. He named him "Riley"

That's when a smile is priceless.

Ron Showing Qween
Terre Haute Kennel Club
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