Morojes Labradors
2941 S. Morehouse Rd.
Rockville, Indiana 47872
(765) 344-1951

"BUCK" (Chocolate Male)
Morojes Masterlode O Gregoire
Sire of "Morojes Riverdance"

"JOEY" (Black Male)
Morojes Joey of Boleke
Son of Lazarus
Sire of "Morojes Sundance"
Half Brother to "Morojes Summit"

"HUNTER" (Chocolate Male) Co-Own
Morojes Get the Duck
Son of Buck and Sundance
Brother to "Buddy" ( Buddy is Owned and shown in Texas By Sari Pacheco)

"SUMMIT' (Yellow Male)
Morojes Summit
Son of Lazarus
Half Brother to Joey

"MEMPHIS" (Black Male)
Son of Joey and Patoka
Brother to Kricket
Co-owned with Grandson "REID"
(Grad student at Oklahoma State)

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Buford w/ Roland
Best of Breed
Illinois Valley Kennel Club of Peoria

Buford w/ Jennie
Best of Breed
Greater Lafayette Kennel Club

Ron Showing Qween
Terre Haute Kennel Club

Rodney Showing McCoy
Best of Breed
Hoosier Kennel Club