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Having grown up with various breeds of the canine family, it seemed a natural progression for us to get more involved in the world of dogs. Our human family of 4 sons were leaving the nest, to pursue their own education and goals. Roland and I needed something to take the place of the competitive sports we had been attending. Our four sons participated in high school Baseball, Football and Wrestling for a combination of fifteen years. They were also in the band and Boy Scouts and 4H. As a family we always had our dogs to love, work with and train and they were a valuable part of our lives as the sons grew up.

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Before they boys started to Purdue, Jennie began employment at Purdue University. Jennie worked at the Ag. School, Life science Department in Genetics, and lastly in Purdue's School of Veterinary Medicine. for 17 years. Roland worked in Supervision at TRW

Working at the "Vet School" provided perks, guidance, education, environment and purpose to further our involvement with dogs. Jennie became a Registered Veterinary Technician. Roland usually had dog show weekends off also to be able to get involved. Growing up on a farm, with Dairy Cows, Feeder Pigs, Poultry, few horses and farming 100 plus acres, Roland had experience and a lot of "good Common sense" It made a good combination and we fit right in with the colleagues and friends in the Animal lovers world at Purdue.
Jennie's dogs growing up were Beagle, Pomeranian and a Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker was purchased when I was 16, with the first $35 that I made. Roland Grew up with English Bulldogs, German Shepherds and Collies. When We got married , we added Boxer, German Shepherd, Basenji's and Beagles. over time.

When I lost my German shepherd, Sheila, I wanted another black one. I started checking dog magazines . I was concerned about temperament. Sheila was obedience trained and a great family dog. Someone at the Vet school suggested a Labrador. I remember saying…Oh I don't like the way their ears don't stand up (I had seen hound ones with long ears not good expression ) Then someone said did you ever see a "Show Lab" I said no. A few weeks later I had a black female show lab., Mandy. Within a year we were going to dog shows, winning and loving the competition and challenges. Of course Roland had to have a black male lab, Buck. We were on our way We were beginning to learn more. We learned that some people said "Show Labs" were not considered as serious hunters. I couldn't believe it. They are retrievers, how could that be. There are Dual Champion Labradors. They are both show {Bench} champions and Field Trial Champions. Not very many, it is demanding. However Show dogs can get WC titles . Working Certificates to show their natural retrieving instincts. But………I did learn at the vet school and through statistics and genetics what can happen. Breeds of dogs that get popular can get over-bred and lose some of the traits they were bred for and have health problems. More on this in information on our breeding program.

Rusty, my $35 Cocker, 3 years after I bought him , became Roland's hunting buddy when we got married. Later the little boys would learn to walk using him for their rail to pull themselves up. He was a wonderful pet. Our Beagles would hunt. How could a lab not hunt and retrieve. But quality can suffer when a breed becomes popular and there are not enough dedicated breeders to supply the market. Unfortunate, indeed, but a fact. Roland and I decided , Labrador Retrievers , were OUR BREED They fit our lifestyles, We would do our research, study genetics and do our best to preserve this NOBLE DOG in it's entire scope.

We named our kennels MOROJES. MO=Morehouse , RO=Roland, JE=Jennie and S=Sons. Yes after college and starting their own families, the boys joined us promoting , raising, training and protecting Labrador Retrievers that do it all. For us they are the dog "FOR ALL SEASONS AND REASONS"

Good Ole' Buck
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