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Having several different breeds of dogs in our lives, Roland and I acquired our first Labradors several years ago. These first Labradors were well bred show/working dogs.

Riverdance Puppies
(or are they walruses?)

Our previous dogs were purebreds but not competitive quality. We got into a different world with these labs. We had opportunities and challenges we had not experienced previously. We were introduced to a breed that could offer so much. But we learned there was quite a variation in performance and type that was being produced. It very often happens when a breed becomes popular.. We saw a need. . Labrador Retrievers needed to be bred properly. They needed to be able to perform and live up to the expectations they were capable of. They were a breed with great potential.

Dogs and other pets are so much a part of our society today. They offer companionship, entertainment, service, independence, purpose, pride, protection and their love and loyalty. We saw the need, set the goals, had the opportunity and took the challenge. We have now been raising, training, showing and loving Labrador retrievers for over 30 years. We set up our first kennels in Lafayette, Indiana. Our work at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, gave us valuable insight and education.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has recognized over 140 breeds of dogs for registration. To establish a certain breed, a parent club has to offer a set of standards to AKC. These standards describe the appearance, type, size, colors, hair coats, desired traits, temperament, purpose, disqualifications, etc. that makes one breed different from another breed. These "Standards" that are set up are guidelines, and requirements that should be met by " breeders" when breeding purebred dogs. Judges at dog shows know these standards and judge and place or disqualify exhibited dogs according to their interpretation of the standards. These shows are called benched shows and the champions that win have their titles in front of their names. Other trials, such as Field, Obedience, Rally etc. have their titles in back of their names. All in all, the pedigrees (ancestry) of the dogs tell a lot about the genetic makeup of a pure bred dog. The American Kennel club does a very good job of record keeping and validation of pure bred dogs.

You can have a lot of control what you breed in Animals. There is a formula that can be used on all species of animals. If your male is a good representative of the Species, is nearly faultless has the ability to produce his type then he should be the Sire of the sire and the Grandsire of the dam. It's the grandparent on one side and great grandparent on the other. This is line breeding. It's not inbreeding or outcrossing. It strengthens the gene pool to about 33% of the good desirable traits. When we did outcross, we went to the best unrelated. If you breed this way for several generations, and you monitor the results and only make the good crosses you can produce superior quality on a regular basis

We have 7 generations of Labradors that have been produced this way. The results speak for themselves. We are very thankful and proud to be able to share them with you.

A Very Special Dog!
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