Morojes Labradors
2941 S. Morehouse Rd.
Rockville, Indiana 47872
(765) 344-1951
The first thing people usually ask is why we named our kennels MOROJES. It is fairly simple really: MO=Morehouse , RO=Roland, JE=Jennie and S=Sons. Yes after college and starting their own families, the boys joined us promoting , raising, training and protecting Labrador Retrievers that do it all. For us, the versatility of Labrador Retrievers is why our slogan became:

Elyods Real McCoy
In the beginning, we set our standards high, We believe we have reached our goals. Through the years our MOROJES Labrador Retrievers have proven themselves to do it all and do it well. At times it's been very humbling experience. They have also taught us and forgiven us but they've sure made us proud. They have introduced us to lots of new friends.

Labs from our kennels have earned and acquired many titles. CD (Companion Dog) titles, Obedience Titles, Rally Titles, Search and Rescue Titles. Narcotic dog titles. Hunting Titles, Service Dog Titles, Show Champion Titles and points.

If you are interested in what services we have to offer please give us a call, the number shouldn't be to hard to find her on our website. We love to talk about our Labrador Retrievers and your questions are always welcone. Or you can send us a quick note via our contact form under the resources tab.


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